Aquatic Surfaces

Water play surfacing doesn’t need to be just about safety. Prairie Surfaces will help you design & build your space.

prairie surfaces only uses nsf certified materials for aquatic installations

This means our products have been certified, tested, and audited to ensure public health standards. Based on this, our customers can expect their aquatic surface to meet the following six criteria:

Slip resistance

Industry leading traction qualities.

Impact Attenuation

A cushioned surface that breaks the falls for when stumbles do happen.

Chemical Resistance

Holds up to common chemicals found in aquatic spaces like chlorine.


We have yet to find a material that will stain our product after being cleaned.

UV Resistance

Strong UV resistance after long exposure times.


Prohibits growth of bacteria in the surfacing, and makes it easier to clean.

You may start to notice NSF stamps on everyday items, like your dishwasher, or common household cleaning products. If you are interested in better understanding what the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is and how they define and evaluate surfacing products, click the link below.

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Use Cases of Aquatic Surfacing

Wondering if your recreational space could use an aquatic surface?

  • Splash pads
  • Waterpark
  • Pool decks
  • Locker rooms
  • Showers
  • Zero-depth entry pools
  • Underwater applications
  • Outdoor applications
  • Resorts
  • Recreational places

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Products We Use

Life Floor is a rubber-foam tile, made with RepelCell technology with industry leading traction and cushioning to create a safer water play surface. It also is the only product available that meets all 6 NSF/ANSI 50 requirements for surfacing materials in an aquatic space.

Life Floor’s modular floor system makes it easy to repair if damage does happen. Replacement of tiles can be done with almost no down time to the facility, and are virtually invisible.

Because of Life Floor’s vast color options, the potential for design ideas are endless. Any aquatic space can be designed to promote any design theme. From beach themes, wave designs, to lily pads and hopscotch, Life Floor tiles can be designed to meet anyone’s expectations.

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past aquatic projects

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Calgary Winter Club

Location: Calgary Winter Club, Calgary, Alberta

Client: Calgary Winter Club

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project image

McDonald Island

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Client: McDonald Island

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aquatic insights

The importance of free play in aquatic spaces

Free play is Important for children’s development. Exploring and learning can often mean that kids are … Continued

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Improving safety can lead to a return on investment

Slips and falls are the main concern in any water play environment. Because of this lingering … Continued

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Clients we've worked with

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Prairie Surfaces offers industry leading aquatic surfacing specifically designed for competitive play, from backyards, to organized tournaments.

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