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Life Floor designs have a wide variety of potential.

With the different shapes Life Floor comes in, it makes the designability to be fully customizable to any organizational needs or themes.

Life Floor tiles come in squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, and custom inlays are available to make a space more interactive. It also comes in a wide array of color options to compliment any theme that you are trying to maintain in a space. Whether you’re modifying a current design, creating a new one from scratch, or ready to specify Life Floor for your planned project, the Prairie Surfaces is here to help.


Life Floor’s wide range of color options include both bright and subdued color tones to accommodate the unique design for any facility.

We encourage customers to select three or more tile colors for any application. Surfaces that feature this variety are visually more interesting and operationally easier to maintain.

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The Ripple Classic tile has been installed on over 1000 projects worldwide. After making improvements to the Ripple tiles and being exposed to expert-designed performance tiles, the move was obvious to make the new and improved Ripple 2.0 tile the stream line product.

Life Floor utilizes the British Pendulum Test for surface slip resistance. Recommended British Pendulum Numbers (BPN) for a splash pad is over 40. Conventional surfaces, like concrete, have a BPN ranging between 36-42. The Ripple Classic had a top BPN of 44, the Ripple 2.0 has a BPN of 58. With a BPN nearly 40% greater than concrete, without being abrasive, Ripple 2.0 is Life Floor’s most slip-resistant texture, ever!

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Life Floor tiles can be arranged in many ways, but certain patterns are requested more often than others. There are many options for design that will achieve different effects. Starting with the square-based patterns, these configurations are arranged from least to most complex to reflect options for all budgets.

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