Prairie Surfaces values align with our suppliers values. It is because of these shared values that we have been able to develop long lasting relationships.

Prairie Surfaces is the only Certified Installer for Life Floor in Canada, and the preferred installation partner for both Laykold and SnapSports in the Prairie provinces. To achieve these certifications, each of our installers goes through a lengthy training process to ensure a long-lasting surface and cleanest possible finished look. It is because of our attention to detail that we can offer an industry-leading warranty on all of our projects.

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We believe that it is these practices that led us to partner with Canadian Tire’s National Jumpstart Charity program. We were originally selected by Jumpstart on their inclusive playground initiative because of our quality materials and installations. Since then this has grown from a typical vendor relationship to a strong partnership. Jumpstart has been able to lean on our industry expertise to expand their inclusive vision into further projects involving multi-sport courts and splash pads. We have been able to work with Jumpstart on a multitude of their inclusive play projects for the past 5 years and are excited to continue this journey.

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We recently partnered with the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators who are comprised of professionals employed in senior management positions in Canadian municipalities. We invited city officials, recreation managers, and architects across the country to a webinar discussing the importance of prioritizing safety at your facility and how doing so leads to a predictable return on investment. There was a large turnout and some really insightful questions were asked. We recorded the webinar so you can watch it at your leisure.

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