Prairie Surfaces has a diverse set of surfacing options, no matter your needs.

surface types

aquatic surfacing

Aquatic Surfaces

Prairie Surfaces chooses to only use NSF Certified products for demanding, aquatic environments. We have done the research, so you don’t have to.

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tennis court

Acrylic Surfaces

Prairie Surfaces is proud to be using world leading acrylic materials on all our hard court surfacing projects. We don’t just stop at your surface and can offer turnkey solutions, including nets and lighting.

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rubber surfaces

Rubber Surfaces

Prairie Surfaces is one of the most experienced companies in the prairie’s for pour-in-place rubber applications. We use some of the highest quality materials from industry leading manufacturers to ensure best quality installations.

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Sports Tile Surfaces

Prairie Surfaces is proud to be using one of the highest and most innovative modular tiles systems available on the market. Whether you are looking for a DIY solution or for us to offer a turnkey solution, we can help.

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Prairie Surfaces only uses sustainable and high quality material for their jobs to guarantee longevity.

life floor logo

Life Floor

Life Floor is a rubber-foam tile that offers industry-leading traction and cushioning to create a safer water play surface. These modular tiles come in multiple colors, thicknesses, shapes, and patterns so that in addition to safety they can be custom designed to complement your aquatic space.

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Laykold Court Surfaces logo


Laykold is one of the leading surfacing materials in the world for hard court surfacing. It is the chosen surface for the US Open, and Miami Open among many others. With over a decade of experience and patented technology, Laykold offers dialed in pace precision, making it the best acrylic surface from everything from professional tournaments, to backyard play.

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SnapSports Athletic Surfaces logo


Prairie Surfaces is happy to be a preferred supplier and installer of SnapSports Athletic Tiles in the Prairie’s. SnapSports athletic flooring provides athletes with unmatched performance, safety, durability, and reliability without sacrificing flair, making SnapSports a fierce competitor in the world of custom backyard courts.

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Prairie Rubber Paving logo

Prairie Rubber Paving

Prairie Rubber Paving handles all of the Rubber projects for Prairie Surfaces. We use the most UV resistant and resilient synthetic rubber in the industry and have teamed it with the most consistent and durable binders, confirmed by 3rd party testing to ensure our materials can take on the harsh Prairie conditions.

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