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Life Floor

What is Life Floor?

Life Floor is a 24” x 24” foam-rubber tile that is designed for floors with predominantly barefoot traffic, especially in aquatic environments.

Where is Life Floor used?

Life Floor is commonly used as a surfacing product for (but not limited to) pool decks, spray grounds, locker rooms, showers, zero-depth entries, and underwater applications.

What is Life Floor’s warranty?

Life Floor depends on a few environmental factors that can be reviewed on our warranty page.

Is Life Floor Slip-Resistant?

Yes! In order to be certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 50:26, one of the six testing criteria was slip-resistance. All samples tested need to achieve a minimum P4 rating (i.e., a British Pendulum Number, BPM, or slip resistance value, SRV, of 40 or greater) when tested in accordance with AS 4586-2013.”

P1 – P5 defines low to high slip-resistance. A P4 rating is required for splash pads. Concrete wears down over time, but could meet P4 at first with a broomed finish.

Life Floor is certified to this criteria by receiving a P5 rating as defined by the British Pendulum test according to the Australian standard.

How does Life Floor perform in extreme heat/freezing temperatures?

Life Floor has installations across North America and internationally that have withstood temperatures from -50°C to +50°C. The product has performed well in all climates. When adhered with contact cement, tiles will expand and contract with a concrete sub-base.

Will Life Floor tiles become hot?

The tiles can become warm in direct sunlight without water, comparable to concrete. In these areas we recommend our lighter colors. However, in areas that are constantly wet (spray grounds, zero-depth entries), the tiles stay relatively cool. Tiles will also cool off quickly under foot when standing in the same place for a few seconds.

Can heavy objects damage Life Floor?

Heavy objects could leave a depression on the tiles’ surface. Depending on how heavy and how long the object was left in place, the depression should rebound over time. If heavy objects have sharp bottoms, this could puncture tiles.

Is Life Floor easily removed by children or other users?

The bond of Life Floor to concrete is extremely strong. A strong adult typically needs tools to remove a tile from its substrate using full body force.


How much does a new tennis court cost?

We are often requested for ballpark figures on new tennis court construction. Pricing can vary depending on location, grade planning, layout, access, fencing, lighting and accessories requested. Most new court projects cost $100,000 or more as a starting point. The cost can be less but this would typically mean forgoing different features.

How much does it cost to resurface a court?

On the tennis court resurfacing / restoration side a price per court may range from $15,000 to $40,000+ based on the current court condition, how many courts in total require attention and our recommendation for ensuring upon departure the longevity of the surface will be maintained.

What is the Laykold acrylic system?

The Laykold acrylic surface coating system is the most durable acrylic paint coating on the market. When it comes to tennis court coating systems Laykold continues to maintain the advantage in longevity and development. Our team installs fiberglass on every install to extend the usable life of every court we install. Laykold is the surfacing material used for the US Open and Australian open.

What type of courts do you install?

We install a variety of courts including tennis, basketball, multisport, hockey, pickleball, volleyball and badminton. Our courts are installed commercially and residentially as well as indoor and outdoor use. For smaller residential applications we recommend using our Snapsport tile system for customization and ease of install.

Can existing courts be fixed?

Almost any court can be restored. With site pictures and customer information we can recommend the best ways in which to bring old courts back to life. This can be as simple as painting the initial court to bring back vibrancy and as extensive as pouring a new asphalt or concrete pad to ensure the longevity of the site.


How long has SnapSports been used?

The family of SnapSports pioneered the modular sports flooring & outdoor game court industry nearly four decades ago.

What makes SnapSports tiles the preferred choice for modular tile systems?

SnapSports offers the most extensive line-up of quality modular sports surfaces for both indoor and outdoor applications in the industry, such as the industry leading multi-patented ShockTower sport surfacing, a multi-patented, super resilient, shock absorbing technology, engineered with performance and player safety in mind. The shock deflection offers excellent impact control and ball response while providing unmatched shock-absorption to athletes during aggressive play, no other product even compares.

Are there any concerns with water damage or erosion long term?

Our Sport floors and courts will not warp, flake or be damaged in any way due to water damage. SnapSports surfaces are extremely durable. Our athletic flooring is not damaged by temperature swings, moisture, or high humidity.

What colors does SnapSport offer?

We have over 16 standard colors to choose from and we can also match most any custom color. We also offer the option of having custom logos within your floor.

How long does a SnapSport court last?

Nobody has more experience in manufacturing and supplying premium modular flooring. SnapSport manufactures multi-patented floors with the finest raw materials available, ensuring unmatched durability and performance. SnapSport stands behind their products with a 16-year warranty.

Are there sport specific tiles with SnapSport?

Yes! Though Multi-Courts are the most popular due the versatility they offer with the flexibility to play up to numerous sports on one court. You can specify any style sport specific outdoor court like: basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, futsal courts, badminton courts, paddle tennis, soccer, four square, shuffleboard and the list goes on.

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