Prairie Surfaces uses the same chosen surfacing material as the US & Miami Open.

Prairie Surfaces is proud to be the preferred installation partner of Laykold.

World-renowned and tested in every environment

Use what the pros use. Chosen surface for major events like the US Open, Miami Open, Australia Open and many others.

Endless potential for design

The Advantage

Laykold has been tried and tested for decades around the world and for it’s performance, it has been awarded as the chosen court surface for the US Open, the Miami Open, as well as many other World Tour and ATP Challenger Tour events.

Laykold Advantage system consists of factory textured acrylic paint colors using a blend of silica sands to ensure grip. This system is designed for higher demanding sports traffic. The environmentally friendly nature, and long lasting colours, have made Laykold one of the most trusted hardcourt surfaces in the world.

“Laykold® and Laykold Masters® have developed revolutionary, technologically advanced tennis and all-weather court systems using modern chemistry that include renewable resources. The Laykold® and Laykold Masters® family of court surfacing systems offer a variety of impact reducing, performance enhancing court systems for all sports, ages, and athletic ability.”

Our traditional Laykold Advantage systems come standard with our full surface application of High Strength Fiberglass Membrane. Our Fiberglass membrane combined with Laykold Acrylic Resurfacer (which has a 250% elongation over competitive products) and Laykold Advantage topcoat, helps prevent premature hairline and small cracks in your surface. We have found this technique to be crucial in our provinces that experience lots of ground movement. Applied on asphalt or concrete substrates, Laykold is a 100% acrylic surface with exceptional UV stability, and consistent ball bounce that will be sustained for many years of use. Laykold is recognized and certified by the ITF (International Tennis Federation) for Categories 2, 3, and 4. (Medium-slow, medium, and medium-fast respectively.)

Our team services and specializes in the following hard-court, multi-court applications:

  • Existing hardcourt restoration and surfacing
  • Court reconstruction with asphalt lifts and surfacing
  • Turn key new build operations, including design work, surfacing and accessory needs


Make sure you check out our Court Designer page to see these colours on your next court!

Laykold Colours