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Most Innovative Aquatic & Recreational Surfaces in Canada

Prairie Surfaces is a Canadian-based provider of innovative recreational surfacing solutions – including hard court and aquatic applications.

We carry the best and most innovative surfacing options available today and back them with industry-leading warranties. Our installations are done by a trained and experienced team and we are dedicated to excellent client care at every stage of the process.

Prairie Surfaces wants to work with you to create memorable and long-lasting projects. Let’s create something amazing together.

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Our History

We originated as a pour-in-place rubber contracting company, Prairie Rubber Paving, who specialized in surfacing for playgrounds, daycare centers, and residential applications. From there, we ventured into other applications such as splash pads, basketball and tennis courts. Over time, we learned the importance of having the correct products for every recreational surface and that pour-in-place was not the ideal product for every type of installation. Pour-in-place is still a great option in many instances, like residential pool decks, or personal backyard courts, but we don’t believe it is the product that should be used for high abuse commercial areas. While lots of other companies in our industry continue to do a 1-size-fits-all approach with pour-in-place, we knew we could do better.

Our vision is to use specifically designed surfacing products for the intended use of the space. Equally important was using top quality brands for each specific application type. It was because of our drive for high quality installations and long lasting products that led us to the partnerships we have with Life Floor, Laykold and SnapSports.

With these additions, we decided to add a division with a more encompassing name, and thus Prairie Surfaces was born.

Prairie Surface Advantages

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Trusted & Experienced

Prairie Surfaces has been installing a variety of surfacing systems since 2014, and already has a large list of clients including Jumpstart Charities, PCL Construction, and many cities and municipalities across western Canada. Our installation systems have been refined over decades and we are fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Prairie Surfaces is Canada’s only accredited Life Floor installer.

Ethics & Client Care

In a world where referrals and references mean everything, our goal at Prairie Surfaces is to earn just that. We too are consumers and value ethical business standards.

We realize there are a lot of companies to choose from. We believe that taking care of our customers long-term is beneficial for both the end user and ourselves. We want to be there when our customers need us, and work hard to meet your needs and maintain long lasting relationships.

Our commercial team will recommend and help you apply for grants that can save you money, if eligible.

Warranty & Service

Quality products are truly measured by the quality of installation. We have been trained and certified by all necessary manufacturers in order to give you the best looking product. We back up our products with industry-leading warranties and offer best-in-class client care from quote to installation to warranty. Our experienced local managers bring extensive knowledge in the surfacing industry and they are always available and ready to help.

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Local Experts

We’re from the Canadian prairies, so we know our products and installation need to withstand our climate. Prairie Surfaces products are UV resistant and durable (even in extreme temperatures). They can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

Life Floor foam tiles naturally expand and contract, so it can flex with huge temperature swings.

Top-Quality Products

After many years in the surfacing industry and researching products, we wanted to provide the best products the market can offer for all kinds of sports and recreational uses. We work with industry leaders, so we are able to offer our clients optimal choice and confidence. We are the exclusive dealer on the prairies for Life Floor – the number one choice for aquatic surfaces.

Laykold was chosen for the US Open – now you can have it on your court too!


We are committed to conducting business in a way that uses resources wisely and protects the environment for future generations. We use 100% recyclable or environmentally friendly materials, and our installation process is designed to be as efficient as possible to minimize the footstep we leave behind.

Last year, Prairie Surfaces & Prairie Rubber Paving used over one million pounds of recycled material.

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