Inclusive Design & Accessibility

Our commitment is to create inclusive spaces in each of the recreational facilities we build.

Prairie Surfaces takes great pride in creating spaces that harbor inclusivity for everyone. Each of our surface offerings are fully accessible in our commitment to eliminate barriers and improve recreational environments for the communities we partner with.

We believe it is paramount that our surfacing products create community. Every project we install is meant to improve the well being of our clients and future generations. Our water play, acrylic and tile systems each provide environments that create independence and functionality for all users.

Why Inclusion is Important

Committing to inclusive recreational surfacing benefits everybody. Not only does inclusive design and function make spaces safer but it brings a larger variety of communities to share in activity together. By making accessibility a priority we are able to help foster people of all ages, demographics and abilities feel safe and comfortable. We want everybody to have the same opportunity to enjoy our facilities and are thrilled to help our clients work through this initiative.

Accessible Installations

Each of our flooring installations are accessible for all users. LifeFloor, Laykold and Snapsport flooring systems each are made for a variety of users to enjoy. Our floorings systems are friendly for all ages and abilities to use. Our installation team is committed to removing barriers for inclusive play to thrive.

Inclusive Design

Design is one of the most important parts of our consulting process. Inclusive play is not limited to simply the function of a surface. Designing spaces that communicate visually and assist the end user is extremely important. Each of our surfacing types comes in a variety of colors and designs to create visual aids, warnings and direct the flow of a site. We care about visual barriers and functionality so that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the end product of our spaces.