Life Floor

Prairie Surfaces is the exclusive Canadian supplier and installer of LifeFloor

Prairie Surfaces is proud to be the only certified installer for Life Floor in Canada.

We want choosing your aquatic flooring to be an easy decision. Here’s how Life Floor makes it easy.

Endless potential for interactive design

World leading safety criteria

Only product to meet NSF safety standards

What makes Life Floor so special?

Prairie Surfaces is proud to be the only Certified Installer of Life Floor in Western Canada.

What is Life Floor?

Life Floor is a rubber-foam tile, made with RepelCellTM technology with industry leading traction and cushioning to create a safer water play surface. These tiles come in squares, triangles, rectangles, and hexagons, and come in thicknesses of 3/16”, 3/8” (standard) and 7/8”. These modular tiles allow for custom designs to complement the aquatic area in your facility. These tiles are impervious to water, dirt and debris, which allows Life Floor to be cleaned and maintained easier than other surfaces.

Life Floor is made with a closed cell technology, which means it does not absorb any liquid, harbor bacteria, or support microbial growth. In fact, Life Floor tiles experience a 99.9% reduction of bacteria after being sanitized, including the joints between the tiles.

Slips and falls are a main concern in any water play environment. Life Floor offers incredible traction and slip-resistance without being abrasive and is cushioned for bare feet. Life Floors tiles remain this way for the lifetime of the tile without needing anything to be reapplied, unlike lots of coatings on the market.

Life Floor is commonly used in areas that require a forgiving, non-slip surface. These areas include pool decks for hotels and community pools, splash pads, locker rooms, spray parks, showers, zero-depth entries pools, and underwater applications.

Your flooring is the single biggest area in a water play area, and can transform the environment of your space.

NSF/ANSI/CAN 50 Certification

Life Floor’s new NSF/ANSI 50 certification makes it the first product in the world to meet all six unique performance-based criteria for splash pads! These standards include slip resistance, impact attenuation, UV resistance, chemical resistance, cleanability and impermeability.

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What to Expect From Your Floor


Certified surfaces are slip-resistant to minimize slip-and-fall injuries. Meeting the criteria requires a 40 British Pendulum Number (BPN) and a P4 on the Australian Standard. Life Floor exceeds this criteria with a 65 BPN and P5 rating.

Impact Attenuation

Certified surfaces must be cushioned to absorb inevitable falls. The standard requires a HIC (Head Injury Criterion) value of 750, with a .20 meter minimum fall height. Life Floor is certified to this standard with a 74 HIC.


Impermeability is important so that foreign substances such as sunscreen, fertilizer run-off, and other hazardous substances do not absorb into the tile. Life Floor is certified to this criteria with 99.7% Impermeability.


Life Floor is made from a closed-cell foam, which means it does not harbor bacteria, or support microbial growth. During testing, our tiles experienced a 99.9% reduction of bacteria after being sanitized, including the joints of tiles.

Chemical Resistance

Surfaces must remain slip-resistant and impact attenuating after undergoing exposure to high chemical shock periods without showing signs of erosion. Unlike ceramic or painted depth markers, our tiles also retain color contrast and visual clarity after chemical exposure which is important for safety messaging and depth markers.

UV Resistance

Resistance to UV radiation is essential, as many splash pads experience intense, year-long sun exposure. During testing, erosion is not acceptable if it comprises the surface’s traction and impact attenuation. Life Floor is certified to this standard.

What does this mean for you?

Although not mandatory, it is always in a facility’s best interest to adhere to NSF standards in terms of both operational excellence and risk mitigation. Meeting NSF standards for sanitation, health and safety provide facilities additional protection from potential lawsuits. The NSF/ANSI 50 standard reduces the chance of injuries. However, should an accident occur, operators can point to the fact that they were operating under the best and safest practices in the industry.

Life Floor Design Studio

Indoor or outdoor, splash pad or pool deck, Life Floor’s colors can be used to design the best looking space for any space. We encourage clients to use 3 or more colors when designing their space. Multi-coloured floors are more visually interesting and easier to maintain. The more colors a floor has, the more appealing it is, and the more difficult it is to notice dirt. Please contact us for pre designed color themes and patterns for inspiration.

Life Floor Design Tools