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Slips and falls are the main concern in any water play environment. Because of this lingering risk, and potential for injuries in a water play area, Owners are incentivized to use safe products as best as they can. This is seen fairly plainly in the expectation for facilities to ensure safe walkways for guests, having LifeGuards on duty to encourage walking, and discourage unsafe play (walking up a waterslide) These are things that have come to be expected from any facility to create a safer experience for guests. To be honest, it’s quite surprising that up until now, ceramic tiles have been the surface of choice on most commercial pools, decks, basins, shower areas etc. It’s not uncommon for people to slip on ceramic tiles even while slowly walking. It seems to be the most obvious area in the aquatics industry where there is so much room for improvement.

The founders of Life Floor realized this space in the market, and over a period of 10 years, redesigned and reconfigured Life Floor tiles to be what they are today – the only material in the world, to be certified by the NSF/ANSI requirements.

It seems like an easy choice for a facility to make the switch, and we have the Case Study’s to prove it.

Case Study Number 1: City of Shoreview in Minnesota

In the 6 months prior to installing Life Floor the city had 103 slip and fall incidents reported in their facility- meaning an actual incident report was filled out. This typically only happens when a real injury was sustained.
The 6 months after Life Floor was installed, there were only 3 incidents reported.

Additionally, the original project for Life Floor was the water park area which totaled about 16,000 sf. During the installation the city also contracted a different flooring company to install an epoxy coating in the locker rooms. After re-opening, the city had so many slips and falls in the locker rooms that they contacted Life Floor to install another 5000sf in their locker rooms less than 2 months after the epoxy flooring was completed

Case Study Number 2 : Large US Waterpark

Another Large US water park who requested not be named, contacted Life Floor shortly after they were forced to close their play structure after having 72 incidents reported in the first 6 weeks of their new facility being opened.

They contracted Life Floor to be installed and were able to re-open their facility for the second half of the summer. They didn’t have a single incident reported for the remainder of that season or the entire season following.

Case Study Number 3 : McDonald Island, Fort McMurray, Alberta

A case study a little bit close to home is McDonald Island. After having to close down their indoor splash pad because of a deteriorating surfacing product, Prairie Surfaces was hired to install Life Floor in their facility. In the year prior to them having to close this area, there were 50 reported incidents. Once reopening with Life Floor on both the splash pad floor, as well as on the play structure, only 2 incidents were reported.

Life Floor offers incredible traction and slip-resistance without being abrasive and is cushioned for bare feet. These tiles remain this way for their lifetime without needing anything to be reapplied, unlike lots of coatings on the market.

All these product qualities ranging from safety, comfort, durability, and design, make Life Floor a product that can offer guests a safe AND fun experience that they will remember. Guests will stay longer, and guests will return more often. Positive memories of play centers circulate between friends and family and creates a higher likelihood of a repeat visit or gaining more visitors. Likewise, negative memories or stories of injuries at a facility circulate among family and friends, which will impact decision making down the road.

Using Life Floor allows Owners and Operators to continue operation with the peace of mind that they have chosen the most reliable product on the market in such a demanding environment. Return trips from guests can lead to a predictable Return of Investment for the venue owner who spent the money to ensure a safe experience.

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